Songza’s “Concierge” programming now enhanced by weather conditions

songza canvas“It’s Thursday morning. Play music for…”┬áThat’s the type of greeting Songza users see when they open the listening app. Songza’s music curation is fashioned around time of day, activity, mood, and genre, with the intent to serve up music that fits the listener perfectly. Now there is a new component in that curation equation — the weather.

Songza announced a partnership with The Weather Company (which owns The Weather Channel) to use weather information as a programming enhancement. “Activating the weather component is all server-side,” co-founder Elias Roman told RAIN. That means the user doesn’t have to do anything, and the new feature is invisible. It is not necessary to upgrade a Songza mobile app.

The infusion of weather information is a “data signal,” and its effectiveness will be a subjective judgment of any user. “With new data provided by The Weather Channel, we can more accurately predict your context, helping you enjoy more sunsets and weather more storms,” Roman said.

Brad Hill