Slow Burn will be made for television this year, Neyfakh to produce and narrate

Slate’s Slow Burn is the latest podcast to make the leap to the small screen. The popular show, which profiled the Watergate scandal and President Richard Nixon’s resignation, has been greenlit for a six-episode adaptation from Epix. Leon Neyfakh, who hosted the show, will join the series as its executive producer and narrator. The program is expected to launch on Epix in late 2019.

Slow Burn is the most recent in a wave of IP deals for podcasts to be translated into television. Some of the more successful projects in this vein include Homecoming, Lore and Welcome to Nightvale.

Despite Slow Burn‘s successes, Neyfakh has left Slate to work on a new, independent podcast. Announced in November, Fiasco will take a similar deep-dive approach to moments in history. The show already has two seasons planned: one centered on the presidential race between Bush and Gore and another about the Iran-Contra affair.

Anna Washenko