Sirius XM agrees to settlement, will pay states for misleading advertising and billing

siriusxm logo canvasSirius XM has agreed to a settlement of $3.8 million following claims that it engaged in misleading advertising and billing practices. The complaint was brought by 45 state consumer protection agencies that argued Sirius customers were having issues canceling their contracts. The agencies claimed that the satellite radio company offered extra incentives to staff members who retained customers who wanted to end their subscriptions. They also said that Sirius assessed customers unauthorized fees and was slow to give refunds.

Although it did agree to the settlement, Sirius has not admitted to the practices laid out in the complaints. “Sirius XM believes that it has disclosed to consumers the material terms and conditions of its subscription plans, including the fact that subscription plans automatically renew at the then current rates and that it properly obtains consumers’ consent to the automatic renewal of their subscription plans at the time of purchase,” the settlement read.

Anna Washenko