Samsung adds premium tier to the (currently) ad-free Milk Music

Music milk logo canvasSamsung has added a paid tier to its Milk Music streaming service. The new Milk Premium plan costs $3.99 a month and gives its members offline listening and unlimited song skips. It will also let you turn off the commentary from station DJs and pause the app automatically with the Sleep Timer feature.

When Milk Music first came on the scene, it was noteworthy for offering a free listening experience without any ads. The company told TheNextWeb that the addition of a paid tier isn’t changing that; both plans will continue to be ad-free. Despite this insistence, it seems the days of no advertising could be numbered. On the Milk Music website, the ad-free claim is marked by an asterisk that adds “For a limited time” to the statement. It seems likely that the addition of a paid tier is the first step to turning around the service’s business model, but we’ll have to wait and see if the other shoe does drop.

Anna Washenko