Rhapsody buys music discovery startups Exfm and Soundtracking

Rhapsody canvas 160Rhapsody is bringing two music discovery startups into the fold with acquisitions announced today. Statements from Rhapsody about the acquisitions seemed to imply that neither standalone product would immediately be shuttered, but it does seem likely that the new team members will be putting their expertise toward some new features for the streaming platform. Considering it’s slow growth, with its listener base just breaking 2 million last month, maybe a little extra razzle dazzle from the startups will help freshen up the company’s image.

The first new addition is Exfm, a service with an unstable history that catalogs the songs you find while surfing the web. Based on what it finds, it then offers recommendations. SoundTracking is the second startup joining Rhapsody’s ranks. Frequently billed as “Instagram for songs,” the mobile app lets its members share the song they’re currently listening to.

For now, both buys are focusing on blending personnel rather than technology. Exfm’s CEO and cofounder Dan Kantor has already been promoted to vice president of product within the Rhapsody hierarchy. But with two new acquisitions in discovery and social listening, keep an eye out for Rhapsody to make some forays into that area.

Anna Washenko