Rephonic / PodMatch advice to most podpreneurs: “Stop. Start a business instead.”

Putting aside the “Ouch” factor, a new study offers realistic advice to would-be podcasters, and many existing podcasters. In a report posted on the PodPros website, podcast database Rephonic and podcast guest provider service Podmatch put up some statistics that should give pause to any prospective podcast entrepreneur.

The presentation illustrates the enormity of the existing podcast ecosystem — nearly three million shows, of which 384,629 are active.

Against that enormity, we learn that among nearly 500,000 interview-based shows with more than one episode, only 113,799 were active at the time of this investigation. (The project focuses on interview shows.)

Based on that assessment, and others, the chances of success are slim. What is success? In this research, success is established by number of published episodes. Five success milestones are asserted:

Going back to the pie chart, which paints the pessimism more dramatically — based on the chance of reaching 100 episodes.

The final word: “If you’re podcasting to make money, stop. Go start a business instead!”

Brad Hill

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