RAIN Weekend Perspective: March 3 – 7

Weekend Perspective: March 3 – 7

It was an eventful week. 

RAIN heard an iTunes Radio ad on a Boston FM station, and our audio clip of the DJ-read commercial turned into the week’s top story.

In local advertising news, FM and online listening ratings potentially became more unified when Triton Digital‘s local ratings metrics were accredited by the Media Rating Council. In our chat with Triton executives, they asserted that putting online streaming ratings side-by-side with broadcast radio ratings would make life easier for webcasters and media buyers alike.

The Infinite Dial is arguably the most important survey about digital media consumption. Conducted by Edison Research and sponsored by Triton Digital, the 2014 edition was released this past week. RAIN covered the unveiling webinar with a five-part description of high points. Online listening continues its multi-year growth pattern. Adoption of streaming listening is particularly voracious in younger demographics. FM radio remains an important music-discovery platform. Mobile computing is no longer about devices, but has rewired consumer behavior.

On the connected-car front, Apple announced that its CarPlay initiative (formerly called iOS in the Car) will roll out this year in selected models from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo.

In a deal that potentially alters the anatomy of the music-service industry, Spotify acquired The Echo Nest, bringing the dominant music intelligence company in-house. The Echo Nest powers over 400 online audio platforms. RAIN spoke with CEO Jim Lucchese about what the merger means for The Echo Nest’s existing clients, and their millions of listeners.

Brad Hill