RAIN Notes: Monday, November 13

Jottings of note:


AI Music In The Present…

Author and technology consultant Shelly Palmer has assembled a guide to AI music generators, listing and describing the key functions in 29 of them. “These generators can produce unique compositions or emulate existing styles, with some offering instant music generation and others requiring pre-training on music datasets,” he says. They streamline music creation and encourage innovation. (And a fabulous AI-generated image accompanies the article.) READ


…And In The Future

Andreessen Horowitz principals Justine Moore (Investment Partner) and Anish Acharya (General Partner) have posted “The Future of Music: How Generative AI Is Transforming the Music Industry” on a16z, the venture capital company’s website. They explore where AI music might be headed, and outline a few of the emerging companies and capabilities at the forefront of the space. Topics include use cases, AI music in streaming, AI-made cover tracks, legal considerations, professional tools, and a “midjourney” perspective on the entire movement. READ


November 13, 2023

Brad Hill