RAIN Notes: Monday, October 18

Jottings of note:


24 in 24

Adele’s early-release single “Easy On Me” — from her upcoming 30 album — reportedly broke Spotify’s single-day stream record. The song served 24-million streams in 24 hours. We also see 73-million streams today on YouTube. VIDEO


Change Is Mandatory

The IAB has released Outlook 2022: The US Digital Advertising System. The words “audio” and “Podcast” do not appear in the densely informative, 30-page PDF. But there is plenty of information more generally about digital advertising pillars: Growth expectations, privacy developments, consumer expectations, programmatic advice, and much more. Consumer expectations are changing, and advertising’s values must also, the report says. DOWNLOAD


Up Early Now

NPR announces that Erika A. Aguilar is the new Exec Producer of Morning Edition and the Up First podcast which derives from Morning Edition. Up First became well known as a launch partner on Amazon’s Alexa smart speaker system, in the Flash Briefing news feature. Aguilar joins from KQED where she was podcast director, and has been in public media for 15 years.


— Monday, October 18

Brad Hill