RAIN Notes: Tuesday, August 24

Jottings of note:


Messy Leaks

Leaked data and new interviews highlight a Business Insider expose’ of Spotify’s podcast business. It includes numbers detailing the traction of the company’s original and exclusive podcasts, and some dissatisfied quotes from Gimlet employees. “It’s like adopting a teenager and having no plan on how to get them to college,” said an ex-staffer about the Gimlet acquisition. READ (paywall)



Instreamatic, the voice dialog ad platform, has partnered up with Price Brothers for creative and productions services. The Price Brothers, which started three months ago, are Dan and Jim Price, both veteran audio creative producers.


Chasing the Moon

Podchaser, the podcast database which powers discovery of shows, guests, and other insights, has closed a deal with Moonbeam — another podcast discovery community — to include Podchaser ratings and reviews on Moonbeam pages. The two companies promise more dealmaking in the near future.


— Tuesday, August 24

Brad Hill