RAIN Notes: Thursday, July 20

Jottings of note:


Never Too Young

Edison Research releases a new research category: Parents and their kids share what they love about podcasts in first-ever “Kids Podcast Listener Report.” It reveals attitudes about podcast listening among a nationally representative survey of parents with children ages 6-12. The survey is somehow administered by parents, interestingly. A webinar will presumably explain it — Thursday, July 27 at 2pm ET. Register HERE.



In its Off Mic interview series, Pacific Content talks with Matt Bucher, Senior Manager of Marketing and Audio Producer at Charles Schwab. Interviewer Wanyee Li rolls back the calendar to 2017, discussing how Schwab decided to leap into podcasting with Choiceology, and what the success metrics look like. Bucher emphasizes “creative bravery,” and aserts that risk-taking is essential to success. SUMMARY and PODCAST

July 20, 2023

Brad Hill