RAIN Notes: Monday, June 12

Jottings of note:


Digital music distributor DistroKid is facing a potential class-action lawsuit over how it handles takedown requests — or, at least, handled one of them. Indie musicians must use a distributor to put music in Spotify (and many other streamers) artists can’t simply upload directly. That means copyright complaints and takedowns are administered through the distributor as well, potentially without artist participation or argument. Hence, this potential lawsuit for damages resulting from an artist’s catalog removal which might not be warranted. READ (H/T Michael Robertson)


Maximal Podcasting

Podcast hosting company Podbean is putting on a webinar called Maximizing Employee Experience: Strategies For Driving Engagement, Development & Retention. The presentation is aimed at HR professionals, executives, managers and business owners. It might seem an odd premise for a podcast company. But Podbean CEO Davis Xu says that his enterprise clients use podcasting for recruitment, development, and training. It’s free; register HERE.




Wheeler Morris, formerly ex-head of corporate podcasting at Hubbard Radio, is stepping away from his latest role as a Market President at Townsquare Media. “I recently came to the conclusion that local media management isn’t the right place for me right now,” he says, and invites conversations. READ


— Monday, June 12


Brad Hill