RAIN Notes: Friday, April 21

Jottings of note:


Mission Accomplished

Ari Shohat, Founder (and still Chairman) of Digitally Imported (www.di.fm) announces that his other startup, the Chill Beats music label group, has been acquired by the Sweden-based Audiowell. His main focus will swing over to yet another self-startup operation called ReadyTal, a marketplace for “vettend-only” engineering talent. Read his statement HERE.



Senior Vice President of Research and Insights Idil Miriam Cakim joins Veritonic‘s “The Sonic Truth” podcast to discuss Audacy and Veritonic’s recent eBook and webinar collaborations, the evolution of #audio advertising in modern marketing, and more. LISTEN




A.J. Feliciano (Head of The Roost Podcast Network at Rooster Teeth) guests on Podcast Advertising Playbook, the industry-facing podcast hosted by Heather Osgood, founder of podcast ad-rep firm True Native Media. “Get Excited About Your Ads” is the title of this episode. Covered: The value of personal endorsements, structured campaigns, the role of video podcasts, the role of YouTube, and much more. LISTEN

— Friday, April 21


Brad Hill