RAIN Notes: Wednesday, February 22

Jottings of note:

Sonic Adventuring

Steve Keller, AudioAlchemist and Sonic Strategist at SXM Media, has announced a new webinar produced by his internal group, Studio Resonate. Called “Adventures in Sound: Audio Creative Tips for Travel and Tourism,” the presentation promises to reveal how travel companies are using audio that leads directly to higher revenue. REGISTER


New Native

Heather Osgood, head of podcast ad-rep firm True Native Media, announced that Brittany Bernado has joined the company as Senior Director of Podcast Revenue & Sales Strategy. In a slide-show introduction we learn of Bernado’s favorite podcasts, and she says: “For marketers, podcast listeners are the golden geese. They are engaged and intentional about what they’re listening to and in a frame of mind that is unmatched by other media.” READ


Automated Efficiency

Audio advertising platform Frequency is presenting “Vetting Automation for Podcast Networks,” a webinar with Frequency CEO Pete Jimison, talking with Bryan Barletta of Sounds Profitable. “Managing ad placements in podcasting is a lot of work, especially vetting hundreds of advertisers across tens to hundreds of shows,” observes Frequency, and this webinar examines the issues and promotes automated solutions. March 1, 2pm ET. Register HERE.

— Wednesday, February 22

Brad Hill