RAIN Notes: Monday, February 5

Jottings of note:


The Select

iHeartMedia has announced nominees for the 2024 iHeartPodcast Awards. The ceremony is produced live, scheduled for March 11 at the South by Southwest conference in Austin. It’ll be broadcast on radio and simulcast on YouTube. There are dozens of casegories in this broad recognition of podcast excellence. In the well publicized Podcast of the Year category, the 10 nominees are “Crime Junkie,” “The Daily,” “My Favorite Murder,” “New Heights,” “Normal Gossip,” “On Purpose with Jay Shetty,” “The Retrievals,” “Scamanda,” “SmartLess” and “Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus.” More info HERE.



Podcast advertising attribution company Podscribe has released a new feature designed to ceate a certain kind of transparency in the adtech ecosystem. Announced by Amelia Coomber (Head of Marketing & Growth), it enables podcast clients searching for advertisers to see the ad agency behind the advertiser. That revelation is built into the Podscribe dashboard. This can clearly be helpful to podcast network seeking advertisers, and which ight choose to approach an agency the advertiser is working with. Helpful to agencies too — they can know whehen an advertiser they might pitch is already connected with an agency. Coomber pitches the new feature in a quick and illlustrative video. See it HERE.


YouTube’s Bad Fit

YouTube is the most popular consumption portal for podcasts. But the experience differs substantially from native podcast platforms, in that YouTube inserts its own native ads, mixed in with whatever podcast-specific advertising might be in the file. And without the podcast-specific markers, those ads can be jarringly intrusive. For these reasons “Traditional advertising is no fit for such a personal medium,” says AI-powered audio agency Veritone One. “Host-read ads to the rescue!” declaims the copany in an article posted by strategist Kedric Walls. The column cites research from Insider Intelligence and Sounds Profitable. Read more HERE.


February 5, 2024

Brad Hill