RAIN Notes: Thursday, February 1

Jottings of note:


Categorical Budgeting

Fifty-eight percent of advertisers plan to increase spending in 2024. More granularly, that planned spending is spread across 20 media categories, according to local marketing expert Borrell Associates, which released its Chart of the Week. Social Media will receive the biggest share of advertiser decision-making (28%) in Borrell’s reckoning. Radio? Eight percent. Streaming Audio? Also eight percent. Both will receive more action than Broadcast TV, which sits near the bottom at five percent. See the full-size chart HERE.



Fierce and relentless advocate for DIY musicians Jeff Price has posted a castigating critique of major music labels and Spotify. Titled How The Major Labels And Spotify Plan To Erase DIY And Independent Artists And The Distributors That Work For Them, the premise is that major labels “have a problem” — and that is a reduction of their share in the streaming music market. “Music consumers are now listening to more and more DIY and independent artists on the streaming services causing the major labels to panic,” Price asserts. (He links to news articles as examples, but two of them are actually about non-music uploads such as rain sounds and outright spam. Nevertheless, Jeff Price (who co-founded TuneCore) is the sharpest public thinker on the subject of indie musicians in the streaming era. READ


February 1, 2024

Brad Hill