RAIN Notes: Friday, January 19

Jottings of note:


For Sponsors

Bloomberg columnist Ashley Carman reports “Virtual products are coming to a podcast near you.” A cleverly named company called Rembrand enables podcasters to place virtual branded objects and signs into the podcast videos, post-production. It’s an AI play, and a new sponsorship medium. Read more HERE.




Solving Awful

Raleigh-based B2B podcast production company EarFluence has acquired Podcast Ally, an agency for thought leaders who want to guest on podcasts. (They call it Podcast Matchmaking.) Both companies were started in 2019. “As podcast producers, we get so many emails every single day, from agencies, from podcasts, from guesting services that are promoting their clients,” says Earfluence CEO Jason Gillikin, “and most of them are awful.” More HERE.




January 19, 2024

Brad Hill