RAIN Hotspots: Week of June 9-13

The five most-read articles in RAIN. Thanks for reading!

  1. kcrw logo canvasInternet listening reached new high ground in April, according to Triton Digital Webcast Metrics.
  2. Provocatively, Michael Huppe, SoundExchange CEO, argued in a keynote speech that radio hurts music sales.
  3. KCRW, a local radio station with global reach, launched a new website designed for mobile use and uninterrupted streaming. The project inaugurated a $10-million investment in technology and programming.
  4. iTunes Radio added its first broadcast content, with ESPN and selected NPR stations.
  5. Prime Music, the new streaming service from Amazon, launched on Thursday. RAIN editor Brad Hill posted a detailed review.

Brad Hill

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  1. Congrats #KCRW on the launch of the new site. It’s amazing! Nice to see one of the original true music pioneers forging the path forward for artists new and old, and for continuing to provide listeners with some of the best content on the web.

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