RAIN Hotspots: Dec. 13 – 17

The six most-read articles this week in RAIN. Thanks for reading!

Readers flocked to learn about Inside Radio startling year-end reader survey, in which two-thirds of respondents replied that Pandora posed no threat to AM/FM.

Kurt Hanson’s latest blog post examines a piece of radio ratings history.

Spotify revealed a listening cap that most people were unaware of, then removed it. It was a pre-Beats maneuver — “Listen free” might play well against the subscription-only Beats Music service launching next week.

Speaking of Beats Music, RAIN’s preview examines how it will distinguish itself in a crowded field. the most important part might be a partnership on the business side.

Shazam and SoundHound identify music playing on the radio. Then what happens? We received a lot of mail about this piece.

The Net Neutrality law was stricken down by a Washington D.C. appeals court. It could have repercussions to online music. RAIN untangled the mess and pointed to what happens next.

Brad Hill