Radioplayer unveils connected car display for hybrid radio

Radioplayer has made a new smart radio feed for connected cars. Audi/VW is the first car manufacturer to sign on to use the new Worldwide Radioplayer API platform. As a result, hybrid radios in new Audi models will use the WRAPI technology to display station logos and to switch between DAB, FM, and streaming audio.

Radioplayer is a radio technology platform owned by UK broadcasters. It is licensed for use in seven countries through Radioplayer Worldwide.

“We’ve talked to dozens of car companies over the past few years,” Radioplayer Managing Director Michael Hill said. “They’re all interested in improving their car radio interfaces, but the question they ask most often is – where can we get a reliable feed of the radio industry’s data? This project starts to answer that question…to help keep radio simple, sexy, and central to the dashboard.”

“We’re going to keep enhancing the data, with better logos and phonetic station names coming next, to help voice-controlled car interfaces find our stations,” added Leo Andrews, Radioplayer’s chief technology officer.

DTS/XPERI, a company specializing in technology to power multiplatform car radios, is also a launch partner for WRAPI.

Anna Washenko