Radionomy and dotFM partner in one-stop Internet radio creation

dotfm and radionomy 638w

Radionomy, the Internet radio creation platform, has linked up with BRS Media, the official dot-FM and dot-AM domain registrar, to make acquiring a domain and starting an Internet station a one-stop process.

The distribution aspect of this agreement benefits both companies, while streamlining things for users. Radionomy’s sign-up and station-creation processes are packed into the domain ordering system at BRS media. On the flip side, existing Radionomy station owners receive discounted rates to upgrade to a dot-FM domain, “to incentivize their adoption of this cool and trending URL,” according to the press release.

dot-FM domains are typically associated with online stations, and have become a recognized signature of them, as an emblem of radio’s basic concept expressed on the Internet.

In the last six months, Radionomy has been on a business development tear. It joined forces with digital audio ad network TargetSpot in December, and in April Radionomy acquired the ShoutCast platform of indie pureplay stations from AOL. The iconic Winamp desktop MP3 player went along with the ShoutCast deal.

Brad Hill