Radiodays Europe kicks off two days of discussions about the present and future

RDE convention center 200w

Dublin Convention Center (photo: Jennifer Lane)

Radiodays Europe kicked off today at the Dublin Convention Center. The annual event started in 2010, and attracts radio professionals from around the world.

The main keynote even of the first day was scheduled to feature Helen Boaden, director of the U.K.’s BBC Radio. The overall thrust of Boaden’s presentation was conveyed in its title: “Radio is in its greatest ever period of change.”

Change, and new realities for broadcast, are twin threads in the two-day agenda. First-day sessions that deal with the broadening digital and social sides of audio content include “The world’s greatest radio apps” (James Cridland, a featured speaker at the upcoming RAIN Summit West), “Social radio: Engaging your audience,” “ENGAGE: Interactive radio,” and “Digital starts today,” (hosted by Radionomy).

RDE Cridland 200w

James Cridland (photo: Jennifer Lane)

Larry Rosin, president of Edison Research and a frequent participant in RAIN Summits, was scheduled to present, “iTunes Radio — Lessons from America.”

Follow the conference remotely using the Twitter hashtag #rde, though some attendees are more laboriously typing #radiodayseurope. the conference organizers are posting Instagram photos here, and have a Soundcloud page here, which will presumably be populated with audio recordings of the sessions (nothing there as of this post). video interviews from the event are here. Slide presentations will be archived here.

Brad Hill