Radio Disney launches three channels on Slacker

radio disney canvasRadio Disney has started its migration into the digital realm thanks to three new stations arriving on Slacker. The new additions are Radio Disney, Radio Disney Junior, and Radio Disney’s Top 30 Countdown.

“Radio Disney wants to be everywhere our listeners are, and that’s increasingly on digital services like Slacker Radio,” General Manager Phil Guerini said. He added that the change would allow Radio Disney’s audience to experience the stations “in a whole new interactive, customizable and easily accessible way.”

Slacker seems like a good choice for curated Disney content, especially list-oriented shows like the Top 30 Countdown. In a conversation with RAIN News, Slacker SVP of Content Programming Jack Isquith evangelized hhighly curated programming. “When we do things like Grammy A to Z, or the Top 101 Songs of the Century, or The 55 Most Embarrasing Facebook Songs, we think those are mass-appeal plays,” he told us. “Curated stations like “Countdown” and “A to Z” tend to do upwards of three times the time spent listening as their counterparts.”

Disney shuttered 23 of its 24 terrestrial stations back in August as preparation for a push into online platforms.

Anna Washenko

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  1. Radio Disney is still alive and well in Salt Lake, KWDZ 910 had been dark for nine months or more, but came on in September and in late September began running Radio Disney again.

    However, the owner has not been able to find a buyer, and has connenced selling off the transmitter site and other properties, and may turn in the license to the FCC, another blow to AM in the Salt Lake market as 910 is a 5kw regional frequency, and has obviously seen better days on the air as KALL-AM which was highly-regarded in its day before that moved to 700 and Disney put their programming there, it never showed in the ratings, even after PPM.

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