& CEO James Mulvaney profiled

The entrepreneur behind the websites,, and a website that matches podcasts hosts with podcast guests,, James Mulvaney, was recently featured in a profile.

Mulvany is a 15-year veteran of the radio industry, with a flagship product,, that claims to serve over 44,000 broadcasters with a combined monthly audience of over 72 million unique listeners.

According to the article, “’I saw an opportunity for creating a platform that was accessible to everyone,’ [Mulvaney] says. ‘Hotels, bars, retailers, leisure companies, etc. could have their own radio station and create a unique audio experience for their customers. That’s when was born, a package that would handle everything, from playing out the music, through to streaming, to looking at who’s listening and how long they stay tuned in.’

“After its launch in 2015’s customer base grew rapidly, with clients ranging from record labels, newspapers and sports clubs, to universities, charities, and a string of commercial brand names. This was being driven largely by the growing popularity of smart speakers; people were listening to radio, not via traditional radio receivers, but through Google or Alexa, or in their cars through their iPhones.

“The secret of running multiple companies successfully, says Mulvany, lies in the skills and strength of the team, which now comprises 40 members; a distributed workforce working mainly from home.”

Read the full profile on here.

Kurt Hanson