Quick Hits: Reactions to Taylor Swift vs. Apple

Quick Hits scans for brief news items and worthy reads from around the web. Today: Taylor Swift vs. Apple. The music superstar complained about Apple’s decision to withhold royalty payments to labels and artists, for music played during consumer trial periods, which can last three months. Apple instantly capitulated and changed its policy. Is there a hero in this?

Taylor Swift vs. Apple — Nobody Wins: The Verge published a pointed editorial, calling the a heartwarming victory for the status quo. ” If Apple had played it correctly, Swift would have launched Apple Music at WWDC with a live performance; instead Eddy Cue was doing damage control at midnight on a Sunday.”

Taylor Swift snaps her fingers; Apple retreats: The New York Times analyzes the components of Taylor Swift’s power in the music industry, and surveys managers and other professionals for their opinions. Everyone agrees that Swift is in a unique position to act as artist spokesperson.

Don’t give Apple too much credit: Wired notes that Apple is only partly capitulating, and the royalty arrangements aren’t as simple as they might seem.

Hero or hypocrite?: The Washington Post digs into Taylor Swift’s contract with photographers, and wonders whether she is a consistent hero, or a selective one.


Anna Washenko