Quick Hits: Programmatic; Martin Bandier; Beats 1

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web.

Will programmatic make audio advertising the next big thing?: Evan Krauss of Pubmatic writes about the promise and challenge of programmatic audio advertising. “With more than 50 billion devices expected to be connected to the Internet in the next decade, the only way to manage this explosion of channels, screens and formats is through smart, real-time technology.”

Interview with Martin Bandier: Financial Times profiles and questions Sony/ATV publishing CEO martin Bandier about music licensing in the digital/streaming era. (Free registration required to view.) “It’s absurd,” Bandier says of the cut received by songwriters.

Beats 1 an executive vanity project?: James O. Malley skewers Apple'[s new radio project before it launches at the end of this month. “I’m willing to bet Beats 1 will be a financial disaster,” he says. The editorial thrust is that Apple is a technology company, and has no business being a content producer. Do “ageing Silicon Valley execs wish they were music moguls too?”


Anna Washenko