Quick Hits: CD-buying; SiriusXM out of the car; global release day

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the Internet:

Who buys CDs?: This study from BuzzFeed and MusicWatch compares demographic CD-buying trends in 2004 and 2014. The upshot? The 50+ demographic is most attached to the CD product. Another point — buying music downloads has swung from being male-oriented to female. See the infographic. [BuzzFeed]

Sirius XM interest in more non-car streaming: The e service already offers an Internet-based mobile app service, complementing the in-car flagship product. the company is watching that closely, and mulling other out-of-car options. [NYPost]

Global release day debate: The international debate about establishing a uniform global release day (Tuesday? Friday?) continues, and the IFPI is holding a conference to drive the conversation to conclusion. Many IFPI members favor Friday, but U.S. stakeholders prefer Tuesday, fearing sales-damaging leaks before Friday releases. Also, U.S. outlets have been aligned with Tuesday for several years. [Billboard]

Anna Washenko