Pureplay(s) of the Day: Nightbreed Radio and Abnormally Dead Air

You can’t have imagined that the Halloween edition of Pureplay of the Day would be cheery. The two stations featured today for your dark listening pleasure reach deep into goth repertoire for their creepy, thrashing, deadening effect.

Abnormally Dead Air is the more merciless of the two, a relentless goth-rock stream of shining darkness from beyond.

Nightbreed Radio isn’t a meadow of tulips either. This morning we got in the Halloween mood early with The Cure, Love Like Blood, and Squishy Squid. But if you can believe in Goth with a lighter heart, Nightbreed Radio is your choice. Tonight at 7pm the Monster Mash program is scheduled until 1am — that’s GMT, which is several hours ahead of U.S. time zones. Not to worry about your mood music for the evening in the States, though: the Death and Resurrection show starts at 1am GMT to continue the holiday anti-cheer. 

What about Halloween party music, you ask? The feel-good, just-kidding-about-the-blood playlists? Try the in-house and user lists in Spotify. Our unscientific poking around for Halloween sounds that won’t crush your spirit had good results on that platform. Another good bet is Pandora’s Spooky Symphonies station for cinematic chills.

Brad Hill