Pureplay of the Day: The World of Blues

We love us some blues rock. It inspires euphorically ungrammatical declarations.

Not since we bestowed Pureplay of the Day on BellyUp4Blues have we found an Internet station with the same outstanding quality of programming, paired with a more immersive website.

Inspired by radio (“ON AIR NOW”),The World of Blues (www.theworldofblues.com) engages human DJs to present its playlists — only two of them so far, but 24/7 human hosting is the station’s aspiration. The site is ambitious, shaping up as a info-social music portal. Registration is encouraged, which is unusual for a pureplay music channel. Registering gives you access to the chat room, where listeners can hang out in a decidedly old-style social environment. A listener map shows where in the world current listeners are located.

Playlists are archived, which assists music discovery, and a nifty scrolling module continuously updates the last-ten played tracks. The site proudly publicizes its recent library additions, and also facilitates indie-musician submissions.

The whole experience is engaging, in a Web 1.0 sort of way … the lack of modernism somehow harmonizes with the bluesy music. But the main thing is programming. This morning we’ve heard Bill Perry, Walter Trout, Dan Aykroyd (!), Dave Fields, The No Refund Band, Mitch Woods, and others. This is nicely-curated, straight-ahead blues rock for people who are serious about their feel-good music.

Brad Hill