Pureplay of the Day: SalsaMexico

salsa mexicoIf there is one thing a pureplay can cure, it is genre sloppiness. And if there is one sloppy genre, it is World Music. Any New-Agey piece of air pudding with a shaker can be put into the World stack.

Going for purity in today’s Pureplay, we suggest the energetic, multi-rhythmic, authentic Mexican sounds of SalsaMexico. Brassy, percussive, skirt-swirling tracks will have you shimmying at your desk if you’re working this week. If you’re not in the office, get up and practice your salsa moves to Ray Perez, Gelberto Santa Rosa, the Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Impact Crea, and the rest of this high-intensity stream.

SalsaMexico was founded in 1998. The website is on the disorganized side, but with cool features. You can leave a voice message for the stream producers. Have a programming suggestion? Find the YouTube video (the assumption being that YouTube has everything), send it in, and the video will be featured on the site’s Suggestions page. Need some learning about Salsa? Hit the Biographies page. Use the pop-out RadioTuna player for convenient control.

Brad Hill