Pureplay of the Day: Radio Paradise

A venerable Internet radio station, Radio Paradise (www.radioparadise.com) is a perfect example of trusted human curation in the independent music streaming space. Operated as a cottage business since 2000 by Bill and Rebecca Goldsmith, the Radio Paradise studio is located in their home, in — where else? — Paradise, California. The Goldsmith’s have built a listener-supported business on a bedrock value of great musical taste.

The station’s ad-free playlist is not genre-limited, featuring instead a fairly adventurous, but never inaccessible blend of rock, world, and electronic tracks. The overall musical tenor is on the gentle side, reminiscent of alt-Starbucks in its variety and non-aggression. (But far more pleasing in our opinion.) There is a community element, as listeners can leave discussion comments about current and recently played songs. Streams are available in several formats and bit rates.

Radio Paradise offers a mobile app for iOS and Android, but web-desktop listening is a better experience, with a more complete social scene and, in our experience, more reliable streaming. Radio Paradise is an outstanding soundtrack for work or casual daily activities, and — best of all — recommending it to friends bestows music-taste cred.

Brad Hill