Pureplay of the Day: Martini in the Morning

martini in the morning logo

Martinis in the morning are not an optimal lifestyle, but Martini in the Morning pours terrific listening for lovers of swing. The programming ranges freely across decades, from Sinatra’s methodical reading of the Great American Songbook, to Nikki Yanofsky’s cover of “Take the A Train.” Recent listening also included Ray Charles, Count Basie, Dry 1, Tony Bennett, Hilary Kole, and Uribe Green.

The old-school-Vegas, 24-hour-party lifestyle theme is hammered home with an anchor program called Sinatra at 6, a block of Frank Sinatra tracks scheduled at 6:00am Pacific time. The show is hosted programmed around themes — when we caught it, the songs were related to caffeine (e.g. “Brazil” and “The Coffee Song”). Martinis and coffee — a classic combination.

Some Christmas jubilation is mixed in during this season — during our listening, the sloshed martini theme was carried forward perfectly by the famously tipsy Dean Martin crooning “Let It Snow.”

Brad Hill