Pureplay of the Day: Blue Plate Radio, a local Internet station

blue plate radio logo wide 600w

Billing itself as “The Internet’s Premiere Jazz Station,” Blue Plate Radio (www.blueplateradio.com) plays a mix of straight-ahead and smooth-tinged jazz. More than just a globally-distributed playlist stream, Blue Plate assumes a role as gatekeeper of the local jazz scene in New Haven, CT, and promoter of artists performing in the area.

Blue Plate Radio is a one-person operation for the most part, founded and run by Ed Tankus, a long-time jazz fan who started his pureplay when a local smooth-jazz FM station changed format. Blue Plate seeks to fill that void both for listening and community awareness of local jazz concerts. Accordingly, the website is heavy with posters, gig announcements, videos, and ticket promotions.

Blue Plate and Ed Tankus go an extra mile beyond typical pureplays be also organizing and presenting jazz concerts. In that way, the station benefits from real-world promotion and builds a concentrated local audience.

For listeners anywhere, Blue Plate Radio plays an elegant, tasteful 24/7 stream of jazz.

Brad Hill