Pureplay of the Day: Blue North Radio

blue north radio logo

Always on the lookout for good pureplay music represented by an easily usable interface, we are delighted to recommend Blue North Radio on both counts.

The website could hardly be simpler, In fact, we wished for a little more build-out, especially a recently-played list. (We don’t always reach for the music-ID fast enough.) But starting the stream, sometimes a baffling, semi-hidden feature on pureplay sites, is easy and flawless.

Blue Radio North is created by┬áChance Peterson and David Merleau. Why north? The station features Canadian blues artists in the playlist, alongside standards (we definitely heard some Buddy Guy). Tagline: “From the Delta to the great white north, we’ve got you covered.”

The RAIN editorial office is picky about the blues. Blue North Radio is a keeper.

Brad Hill

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  1. Thank you very much for the kind words. We’re always working to try and get the blues out there to fans and those just finding it alike.

    We are working at figuring our best practices in the ways we deliver everything. Also, you can take us abroad with a Tunein radio app as well, should you be so inclined!

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