PRX releases first annual report, a multimedia exploration of mission and values

Audio and podcast producer and publisher PRX released its first-ever annual report, as announced by CEO Kerri Hoffman HERE. The downloadable glossy report, well worth looking at, is HERE.

Unlike a typical for-profit annual report, the non-profit PRX document avoids exact financials. But it does display pie charts (without numbers) showing that about half the revenue comes from underwriting, and about half the expenses are in the “Support for Creators” category.

Kerri Hoffman was a recent guest on the RAIN Podcast Business Summit, and gave us more details about revenue dollars, as excerpted in the following clip:

(The entire interview is HERE.)

The report is tabbed into sections which illustrate PRX’s main mission points. Kerri Hoffman defines PRX this way:

  • We support a creative economy and, over the course of our existence, have put $100 million in the hands of creators.
  • We provide access to state-of-the-art technology at no or low cost to content makers of all sizes.
  • We champion local public radio stations in their service to their communities.
  • We have created an innovative and rigorous global training curriculum, helping audio producers make meaningful media in an agile, supportive, and accessible learning environment.
  • We welcome the public to tell their own stories in the studios and classrooms at our Podcast Garages in Boston and embedded in the new headquarters of KQED in San Francisco.
  • We have partnered with some of the most creative makers in public radio and podcasting, and have celebrated their success on their own terms.

PRX was founded in 2003, and is a top-10 podcast publisher in U.S. audience reach, as ranked by Podtrac.

Brad Hill