Podtrac category ranking shows growth in top News podcasts

Podtrac’s “Podcast Audience Category Ranking” report for May is finalized for subscribers, and the company offers a public peak. This month it is the News category which is spotlighted:

The fragmented release (five out of 30 shows in a single category, with key numbers hidden) is an advertisement for the full product, which is priced at $3,600/year. The subscriptions are targeted to podcast marketers, both existing and prospective, and also offer perspective to publishers.

The May excerpt shows News growing both month-over-month and year-over-year, with NPR placing two shows in the top 5.

The company also released some bullet points gleaned from the full report:

  • The May ranking covers 545 shows from 171 different publishers
  • iHeartRadio has the most shows (93) across the most categories (17)
  • NPR has the most #1 shows (6) across categories
  • Comedy, Health and Sports tied for the category with the most shows showing positive audience growth (29 shows each) in May over April
  • Music was the category with the most shows (10) losing audience in May from April
  • News has the largest average US audience across its top 5 shows again in May at 5.6million, down slightly from April
  • The Top 5 Categories ranked by average audience of the top 5 shows in the category are: News, Society & Culture, Comedy, Business and Sports.

More info HERE.

Brad Hill