Podcasting shines in global marketer study as 2021 buying intent soars (Kantar)

Research firm Kantar has released its Media Reactions 2020 report, self-defined as “a global ad equity ranking for media channels and media brands.” The report is authored by Jane Ostler, Global Head of Media, and Duncan Southgate, Global Brand Director.

Podcasts rank 2nd in ad equity ranking of online channels, among marketers surveyed. They are second to influencer branded content, and above streaming TV ads,  online display ads, and social media story ads.

Kantar explains why: “Podcasts are more popular because the ad environment is less cluttered, and streaming TV content is considered better quality. All these formats avoid the negative associations of other more intrusive online formats. Social media story ads are considered more innovative and would perform even better if they weren’t appearing in cluttered environments.”

“Podcasts and streaming TV are top of mind for marketers.” –Kantar Media Reactions 2020

Anticipating 2021, marketers say they feel “more innovative and more willing to try something new.” This mandate includes:

  • Greater focus on campaign effectiveness.
  • Rely more  on digital media to ensure greater agility.

In more quantified terms, the consensus in this report is that advertisers are poanning to increase their spend in podcasting. Commitment to the category dropped 6% during COVID-19, while projection for 2021 is +20%.



Brad Hill