Podcast pioneer Kellie Riordan launches Deadset Studios consultancy

Podcast pioneer and RAIN speaker Kellie Riordan has launched Deadset Studios, a consultancy and production house. The new company describes its mission this way: “We offer high-level strategic advice to media houses, brands, organisations and independent producers to set you up for success in the podcast space.”

That directive is broken out into four sections:

  • Consulting & strategy
  • Podcast production
  • Original shows
  • Training & workshops

The new company already has a client list underway; it includes Academy of the Social Sciences, Uniting, and BBC. Riordan herself owns a shimmering podcast resume. She is the founding producer of Conversations, a podcast she developed back in 2005 which currently serves “millions of downloads a month.”

While perhaps best known for Conversations, Riordan’s podcast credit list is extensive. She has commissioned and led:

  • The Eleventh (Kennedy award nominee),
  • memoir series No Feeling is Final (winner Director’s Choice at Third Coast 2019)
  • the Walkley-award-winning Unravel True Crime
  • family shows Mackaroy Uncovered (scripted mystery) Short & Curly (winner of Webby Award) and Fierce Girls (Australian Podcast Award 2019)
  • comedy series Finding Drago, Burn Your Passport and Judith Lucy Overwhelmed and Dying
  • the critically acclaimed comedy musical CrossBread (starring John Waters and Megan Washington)
  • several popular series for women including Ladies We Need To Talk (Webby honoree) and The Pineapple Project (winner Australian Podcast Award 2019)

Kellie Riordan appeared at the RAIN Global Podcast Leadership Summit, and will speak at the upcoming RAIN Digital Australasia virtual event (INFO HERE).

“Deadset Studios leans into the power of the human voice to share stories that resonate. It offers high-level strategic advice to media houses, brands, organisations, and producers to set them up for success in the podcast space,” says Kellie Riordan. “The consultancy advises podcasters on how to cut through with their content, maximise their audience growth, and sets clients up for success in the podcast space.”


Brad Hill