Podcast listeners are attentive and responsive to ads: Acast study

In the second study released by global podcast company Acast in 10 days (HERE is the first one), a survey of frequent podcast listeners delivers a welcome finding to marketers: Listeners pay attention to ads, and take action on them.

Acast asked 600 respondents — all of whom met the criterion of “frequent” listener — whether they listen to two types of commercial: Ads and sponsorships. Acast defines these like this:

Ads: Short pre-recorded messages, offering meaningful reach at scale bought direct or programmatically.
Sponsorships: Longer, editorialized messages delivered by the podcasters themselves.

Over 80% of respondents listen to both types, at least half the time. The graphic below breaks it out:



Then there is the action part which all marketers hope for. That can be looking at the advertiser website or social accounts, talking about the product or service with others, and of course purchasing. In the breakdown below, Acast interestingly asked about loyalty — whether a “new favorite brand” relationship was formed.



Brad Hill