PBS enters podcasting with two shows distributed by PRX

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), the major distribution hub for bublic television programming, is entering the podcast sphere with two podcasts derived from two TV shows derived from PBS Digital Studios — the online video production house within PBS.

It’s Lit! and Eons will both be extended in podcast form, starting in February. The idea is to extend the YouTube successes of those two experiences. PRX will (perhaps unsurprisingly) distribute both podcasts.

It’s Lit! drops on Tuesday, Feb. 1, and is a deep dive into the world of literature, criticism, and publishing, offering a more narrow focus on a single topic than the web series. Hosted by Princess Weekes, the podcast will feature lively conversations with noted authors discussing their own work. It’s produced by Spotzen.

Eons: Mysteries of Deep Time launches on Monday, March 14 and will explore the greatest mysteries of natural history. Pairing the science and storytelling of PBS EONS with an immersive audio experience, the podcast will convey a sense of curiosity and wonder about the gripping tales of past life on Earth. It’s produced by Complexly.

“Along with online video and social media, podcasts will play an important role in PBS’s growing slate of multiplatform content,” said Maribel Lopez, Head of PBS Digital Studios. “Podcasts are an ideal format for PBS Digital Studios’ distinct brand of storytelling and will allow us to continue expansion to audiences across platforms.”

“PBS produces some of the most impactful educational entertainment in the world. At PRX, we’re proud to collaborate across public media to help bring PBS Digital Studios’ first podcasts to listeners,” said Jason Saldanha, Chief of Business Development and Content at PRX. “We can’t wait for audiences to dive into these new shows bringing to life the endlessly complex, fascinating worlds of literature and science. Thank you to the production teams, hosts, and to our partners at PBS.”


Brad Hill