Pandora has 250-million registered users

Pandora cubeWe are expecting Pandora’s monthly audience metrics at any time this week. In the meantime, the market-leading Internet radio service casually announced these tidbits:

  • Pandora has 250-million registered users;
  • Those users have created over six-billion custom Pandora stations.

In the keeping-numbers-straight department, “registered users” is different from “active users,” the latter being one of Pandora’s key audience metrics. Registered users comprise everyone who has created a log-in to Pandora’s service, which is required to create a personalized station and hear something. So, presumably, that 250-million number includes anyone who has kicked the tires even just once.

Pandora reported 73.4-million active users in January. So, about 30% of signups turn into active users.

Brad Hill

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  1. I call BS on Pandora’s self reported numbers. Shouldn’t they come from an unbiased 3rd Party like Ratings companies? They claim an 8% of all listening nationwide and 74 million regular users but no one even demands independent verification ? Put a PPM signal on it and let’s see it Pandora’s numbers compare

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