Pandora announces Imagine Dragons concert on Super Bowl weekend

pandora presents 300wWhen it comes to expanding an online app’s brand into the concert business, Pandora and iHeartRadio are two leaders. Pandora announced the latest in its Pandora Presents series — Imagine Dragons will headline a show on the Friday of Super Bowl weekend. It’s part of the Bud Light Hotel series, which will provide the venue in New York.

This crossover into what is traditionally terrestrial radio territory emphasizes Pandora’s claim of being a new kind of radio, and its intent to disrupt, reinvent, and replace radio. (See also Patrick Reynolds’ column about radio and Internet borrowing pages from each others’ playbook.)

In marketing its concerts, Pandora emphasizes its ability to personalize bands to cities by analyzing music preferences of local listeners. We don’t doubt that, but Grammy-winning Imagine Dragons can reasonably be called a favorite across the land, we’re guessing. Perhaps a more laser-like customization to New York is in play with the opening acts: WALK THE MOON, Aloe Blacc, and DJ Ross.

Brad Hill