Omny Studio expands its analytics for podcast publishers

Triton Digital is announcing today that its subsidiary, enterprise podcast hosting company Omny Studio, has expanded the analytics package it provides to hosted clients. The expansion is mainly about aggregating metrics across a network’s properties. This serves the company’s larger clients which publish multiple shows.

Triton offers this summary: “In addition to being able to view real-time data for a single podcast episode or clip, the expansion enables publishers to view consumption analytics across an entire program, network, or organization, including verified plays, average time spent listening, listener retention and drop-off, and more.”

This makes sense to us, as network publishers often sell  advertising across the entire catalog, and it can be helpful to sell the combined downloads or plays, for example, in addition to the more detailed view of per-show metrics.

“We are pleased to announce the expansion of consumption analytics within Omny Studio, providing publishers with the ability to dive deeper into their audience data and gain a more holistic view of the performance of their podcast content,” said Sharon Taylor, Managing Director at Triton Digital. “Adding the ability to view consumption data at the program, network, and organizational level will enable publishers to make increasingly informed content decisions, helping them to both retain and grow their listening audiences.”

Brad Hill