Of course you need access to your Spotify playlists when you’re dead

Swedish audio component makers Pause Ljud & Bild, reports Digital Trends, have created product called the CataCombo Sound System — that pumps your favorite Spotify playlist into your casket!

The system is powered by a two-way speaker system and 2.5 GHz Intel core processor. Plus, there’s a 7″ LCD screen installed into your headstone, so your next-of-kin can see what you’ve been listening to lately.

Make sure you set your Spotify playlist to “collaborative,” so loved ones can update it for you. Your exposure to new music will undoubtedly be limited, and you wouldn’t want to appear “stale” and “out of touch.”

Naturally, there’s a video demostration. See it, and Digital Trends’ coverage, here.

The clever “Grooves for My Grave” Spotify playlist at right comes from Digital Trends as well, which credits some of its suggestions to Redditors.

Paul Maloney