Nobex launches mobile apps for podcast creators

Nobex Technologies, an Israel-based technology company which provides mobile apps for 4,500 radio stations in over 100 countries, has launched a new initiative — mobile apps for podcast creators.

Nobex is stepping into podcasting in league with podcast hosting and technology company ART19, “to seamlessly integrate the two platforms and provide a complete solution to the podcaster.” Nobex said in an advance press announcement given to RAIN News. 

Podcasts are typically consumed in distribution apps that present a huge breadth of content, each striving to be the listener’s only point of discovery and consumption. An estimated 65% of all podcast downloading and listening occurs in Apple’s Podcasts app, which is tied into iTunes.

By offering dedicated single-show apps, Nobex and ART19 are inviting podcasters to consider a mobile experience similar to the dedicated apps deployed by radio stations. To sweeten the proposition, Nobex has packed the app product with interactivity features which can heighten listener engagement, and build communication paths between the show and its fans. With all that, greater understanding of the audience is offered: “Launching a custom, branded app opens up a complete digital solution including re-engagement tools, audience interaction, and insights into listeners and their behaviours, and new monetization channels.”

If engagement and data aren’t enough for some podcast creators, there is monetization in the product also. While Nobex does not inject audio, it can provide visual ads, thanks to its connection with Google’s Admob and the Facebook Audience Network.

The product is open now for any podcaster to try. However, only invited shows are rolling apps into the Google and Apple app stores during a short beta period. the full roll-out happens in July.

Brad Hill