New podcast agency launches from beta

Today marks the launch of another new podcast agency and hosting service, this one with roots in radio. exited its beta test and announced both its launch and two notable industry partnerships with Spotify and Headliner. The company comes from the same team as and it has signed clients including IFL TV, Tap Management, Famehouse, Intern Magazine, and Tech for Good.

The feature set includes a drag-and-drop approach to uploading episodes and promises an easy-to-use interface for publishing. Its analytics suite includes tracking of downloads, geography, and what platforms are delivering listens. There are also distribution options to several of the most popular podcast listening services. The company offers several tiers of access to its podcasting tools. The basic plan costs $15 per month per show, while more prolific podcasters can chose the plans with multiple users and/or multiple shows for $25 per month of $50 per month, with options to pay more for additional users or shows. announced that it has a partnership with Spotify. This deal will allow an easier process for users who submit their podcasts to Spotify and simpler ways to keep their listings up to date. It also has an agreement with social video platform Headliner. users will receive one-click access to creating video clips and audiograms to promote their shows on social networks.

Anna Washenko