New online radio project Satori aims for localized streaming

Two broadcast veterans have launched a new online radio project catering to New York City listeners. Satori will use real-time data to understand what the city’s residents want to hear and will feature that music in its programming. That means the station will cross genres to include indie, hip-hop, and electronic. The company hasn’t revealed its sources for that listening data or what its licensing setup is.

“We’ve watched the shift from traditional radio to streaming after an entire generation was ignored by radio,” said Jeffrey Warshaw, Satori’s founder and CEO. “They don’t identify with it, it’s over-commercialized, it’s hokey and repetitive and it doesn’t resonate with them.” Warshaw’s prior credits include co-founder and CEO of radio conglomerate Connoisseur Media. His co-founder for Satori is Michael “Shark” Sharkey, who spent 14 years with Cox Media Group.

Satori will also have a local presence, hosting live broadcasts from around New York’s unique neighborhoods and featuring local talent and personalities.

Anna Washenko

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  1. Having read the RAIN blurb about Satori, a new online radio project catering to NYC residents, I eagerly went online to listen. The song (if you could call it that) then playing was just some G-d awful verbal diarrhea about motjhe-f***ers, *iggers and guns. An instant turn-off, at least for me.

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