New headphone device could improve even the lowly earbuds

BoomStick canvasThe music industry has regular conversations about audio quality and listening technology. Although the average small, earbud-style headphones are uniformly relegated to the bottom of the heap in terms of sound quality, some enterprising companies have tried to find ways to make them more useable for a discerning listener. The latest to do so is from BoomCloud 360, which has created a portable device that plugs into earbuds.

The BoomStick claims to optimize the sound coming through your headphones, offering more than just an amplifier, which would only boost certain frequencies. At $99, it’s a matter of preference and convenience whether the improved bass and dynamism the BoomStick offers is worth it over an investment in a pair of quality headphones. But it’s nice to see more gear becoming available for those situations where the more portable earbuds might be used.

Anna Washenko