NBA team launches online radio for community-building

An NBA team is making waves among fans and audio experts with its own online radio station. The Golden State Warriors has run the Warriors Sound online radio channel for two years now. Its programming includes a prerecorded mix of interviews, audio documentaries, historical retrospectives, and some music as suggested by the team’s community.

“It’s almost like a community radio station, where a wide variety of constituencies are given a voice,” said Laurence Scott, senior content and entertainment programming director.

Scott added that the station isn’t meant to compete with KGMZ, the FM station that carries broadcasts of the team’s games. Instead, it’s about building fan connections. “There’s always something on, there’s always an interview,” Warriors fan Richard Brewer-Hay told the San Francisco Chronicle. “When I want to listen to the music and get pumped up for the game, I just go over and listen to that.”

The efforts by the NBA team reflect the power of audio channels to create strong personal connections. Podcasting experts have been touting the same principle as a way to attract advertisers to their shows. “A lot of the things we’re doing today, we hope will pay long-term dividends,” said Warriors chief marketing officer Chip Bowers.

Anna Washenko


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