Music metadata startup Auddly adds music managers to its platform

The music industry has been struggling to create a comprehensive database of musical metadata. A complete listing of rights and credits for a composition would help to streamline the mechanical royalties. Many startups have tried their hand at compiling such a database, but none have succeeded in attaining a large enough scale to become a breakout success.

The latest to throw its hat in the ring is Auddly, based in Sweden. The company operates a songwriter database with information such as co-writer and producer details, split agreements, and credits. Auddly recently announced that it is expanding its pool to include data from music managers as well.

“Using Auddly gives managers more time to focus on what brings the most value to their clients and to grow their business, instead of spending enormous amounts of time chasing versions, info and people,” Founder and CEO Niclas Molinder said. “We are building Auddly for the entire industry, and we see that the manager’s role in the song will be increasing in the future.”

Anna Washenko